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  • The Online Course on Alabama Law is a requirement under the Rules Governing Admission to the Alabama State Bar, Rule VI(B)(A)(3).
  • This course consists of eight (8) online learning modules covering the following subjects: Alabama Constitution; Alternative Dispute Resolution; Civil Litigation; Criminal Law; Family Law; Real Property; Torts; and Wills & Trusts/Probate.
  • Completion of all online learning modules contained in this course is a requirement for admission to the Alabama State Bar.
  • You are not required to complete all modules in a single sitting and you may track your progress by using the "COMPLETED" tab.
  • For more information on the requirements for admission to the Alabama State Bar, contact the ASB Admissions Office at (334) 269-1515.
  • For technical assistance or questions about the online course, please contact ScholarLab through the "Live Help Online" feature above.